I apologize for being MIA for so long! I went through a dry spell, but now I am at work on my second poetry chapbook.

It will be entitled “From My Window.”

I hope to self publish around May 30.

It is so good to be writing again! I am also participating in a flash fiction challenge. Perhaps I will share some of that here!


Item Three…and big news!

The third item on my bucket list was to self-publish a book. Currently I have self-published TWO books!!! One is a book of poetry inspired by various members of my family. It is entitled Lyrical Legacy. The second is a book for middle grade students (5th-8th grade). It is a collection of short stories showing the transition from childhood to adolescence and is entitled Gossamer Bridges. In addition, I am working on a book called Flashes in the Night. It is a collection of flash fiction.

A Poem for these Times

My Street in a Pandemic

Lonely and alone as

If the street has had 

To isolate.

One blue Ford has

Passed in the

Last hour.

Where was he going? 

There are so few

Destinations left.

Even the parks are 

Closed. People are

Unable to stay apart.

I wonder if he 

Knows the stores 

Are in the other direction.

The stores where 

Only one person is allowed

Per household

And the toilet

Paper is portioned

To two per person.

Item Two

The second item for my bucket list is to take a trip to Germany. I went as part of a group in high school, and I told my teacher that I would return someday to walk through the Brandenburg Gate. She scoffed at me at the time because the Wall was still up.

I want to go back and walk through the gate, but I would also like to share all the tales I’ve told my daughter over the years with her. It was one of the most special things I’ve ever done, and I would love to see how things have changed since the Wall came down.

The Reunification was very important to me, as well. I was in college when it happened, and I watched the news coverage nearly non-stop. I have loved Germany since my first day there andwould love to revisit it.

A Bucket List is Born

I may be having weightloss surgery. That excites me because it will open my life up to a lot of new possibilities. That is motivating me to redo my bucket list. When the MS kicked back up, I saw how many things I couldn’t do. I’ve decided that I will post one thing to my list at a time on here.

My first goal is to get to 150. I’m not waiting for surgery to get me there, either. I’m starting that part of my journey NOW.

His Heart

His heartbeat was a band.

Marching through his years.

The cliche of the drums.

The slide of the trombone.

The jazz of the saxophone.

The raucous clang of the cymbals.

Marching sixty-three years,

Members tired,

Lay down

In the street.

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A Bit of Intro

I first got the poetry writing bug in the fourth grade. I participated in a program that allowed students to take various classes during the summer. When it came to the poetry class, I wasn’t very excited. I took the class because I had already taken all the others.

We were introduced to poetry and were later assigned to try our hand at writing a poem. My poem was about daffodils, although I don’t remember the text, I do remember that was the moment I fell in love with writing poetry.

You will see some of my poetry in the future!